The End of an Era…

Today was the end of an era…my baby making era. I did it…I made the ultimate decision…I had tubal ligation surgery today.

It was a bittersweet moment. I remember tears running down the sides of my face as I lay on the table, grasping my doctor’s hand. I’m done. I’m done feeling (physical life) growing on the inside of, I’m done living in awe of a person developing within me, I’m done giving birth to a person who I could literally see my love reflecting in their eyes.

Although this was a hard decision, it was what was best for not only me but our family. Having six kids isnt easy, its alot of work. Motherhood is something that I strive to do well, create bomb memories about, and also be all that I needed when I was younger.

Motherhood is my gift. It’s part of my calling. It’s something that keeps getting better…and the ending of my childbearing days is just the beginning of one of my life’s best journeys.

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