Loving Without Regard…

A few weeks ago the dyanmic of our family changed…we welcomed a beautiful three week old baby boy into our home. Being foster parents had never been on our family “to-do” list persay but when we got the phone call about a young woman’s, I have a soft spot in my heart for, son needing a place to call home, we couldnt turn our backs.  

This process all happened pretty quick, so when we told our children about it, we were as honest as possible. “A young woman that Mommy and Daddy knows had a baby. Right now she and her son’s father are working to get some things together so that their son can have a safe, happy and healthy home with them soon. Until that time comes, it’s our job as a family to love him and take really good care of him.” This was our speech to our four babies about three hours before we picked baby boy up. 

The whole time I was nervous, excited, blessed and also sad bc I knew his Mom was missing him terribly. 

It’s been two weeks and having a newborn has been giving me all the feels. Above all, my main purpose outside of caring for this precious little one, is to pray for his mother. I mean Pray. Not just a few words, but cry out to God that her heart becomes His and that her life be transformed because of His love for her.

I heard someone ask if there is any way that a person can be a foster parent and not become attached…from my short experience, I would say no. No because, I choose to love this little boy like my own knowing that he will only be with us for a time. But that’s the chance our family is  willing to take in order to give him a beginning filled with love and stability…no matter how long or short his stay. We are loving completely, with regard and with hope and pray for his future and his family.

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