Doing Something New…

A few months ago I started something new…a Podcast!!! 

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while but I put off. There was so many unknowns. Who would listen? What would I talk about? How would my voice sound? Would I be good at it?

These are all the questions that Ran through my head and continue to as I do more episodes. I’m on episode four and it’s still new to me. I’m not completely comfortable and I’m not the best at the techie type stuff. You’ll hear me say “umm”, you’ll hear background noises and it’ll be pretty to the point…but guess what??? I’m doing it and I love it!!! As I get better, it’ll get better too. This is an extension of my blog- I hope that you love it and subscribe😘😘😘. 

Check out the link below:

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