Evolution of Father’s Day…

Growing up I never really celebrated Father’s Day. My dad wasn’t really too involved for the most part…No shade he just didn’t have it in him to do what was never done for me.

Honestly I never celebrated Father’s Day until after I was married and a mother. I now had a reason to celebrate-my husband is an amazing father. 

And here’s my top 2 reasons for celebrating him…

#1-He shows our children what a man is and does. My husband always shows our husband where his strength comes from-God and prayer. Knowing that He can only be and do is best through Him, He leads our family the same way. Kemp shows our children first hand that it’s his responsibility to take care of, protect and lead our family. Over the years that’s meant him taking a second job, going against the grain without regard to the opinions of others and pressing his way to show his support even when it means lack of sleep, taking time off work or working an extra 3-4 nights a week(at his second job) to make sure we had everything we needed and most of what we wanted. I have no doubt that the standards that he’s set will be the markers my children measure manhood by.

#2-He Loves Me Well. My husband shows are children what a godly husband is. Outside of protecting and providing, making our marriage a priority is key. We go on dates, he’s affectionate, he prays for and with me, he fully supports my dreams and he does all he can to ensure that I’m in the best place, both mentally and spiritually, to serve our family.

So Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers young and old. I hope yacht this day is just a repeat of the love shown to you daily!!!!

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