Don’t Let It Get In You…

Don’t let what’s going on around you get in you…

Yes we can be going through some tough times. Maybe you’re surrounded by negative people, mean/angry people or you might even be dealing with lack in your finances…don’t allow what’s going on to get in you. Into your heart. Your mind. It’s so easy to become negative bc that’s what we see or what we’re surrounded by. Or become afraid and put walls up. Or think that bc you’re experiencing lack in your finances now, that you’re bound to live in poverty forever. 

Don’t take on a mindset that mirrors you’re not so good circumstances. Yes this can be hard. Yes it takes work. Yes change may not show up immediately. But aren’t you worth it? Aren’t you worth working for? Don’t you believe that you deserve to live a beautiful, purposeful, positive, abundant life??? 

I do, so let’s do the work to get there…

Posted in: Joy

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