The Process and the Promise….

Can I be completely honest???

We were supposed to close on our home almost two weeks ago…and we didn’t.  So as of today, we are eleven days behind schedule.

There is stuff everywhere! To pack up a family of six is no easy task. There’s boxes everywhere. Add to it that we ordered two sets of bunk beds, with mattresses, that had to be delivered to our rental because of our delayed closing date…it’s borderline chaos not to mention that it seems as if the rooms are closing in on me.

Even in all of this I have a choice. I can choose to focus on the process or the promise. The process is the delayed closing date and the temporary chaos that surrounds me. The promise is that our family will be moving into our new home and creating beautiful memories for years to come…I choose the promise.

The moral of the blog post is this: Don’t allow your process to deter you from your promise…keep the vision of what will be before you through the words you speak and your thoughts.

Blessings!!! Xoxo


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