Mother’s Day for the Childless Mother…❤️

Most of the time Mother’s Day is great but for some it can be a constant reminder of a wrong decision…and I can relate.

Mother’s Day was a time when I thought about the choices I had made and the lives that were supposed to be that aren’t. I had two abortions. One when I was fourteen and another when I was twenty. Then at 22 I had a miscarriage. I was told that due to my previous abortions, I had caused severe damage to my cervix. So instead of my body doing all that it could to sustain life it did the opposite…Fast forward 10 plus years and my husband and I have 4 children, including a set of twins. We didn’t have  any complications and all my pregnancies were full term. This was all because of God’s grace. 

So for the mothers who are childless, I pray that you forgive yourself and recieve forgiveness from God. There will probably always be a tender place in your heart but there doesn’t have to be condemnation. You made bad decisions you are not a bad person. I pray that God’s peace envelopes you on this day and everyday. I pray that even in what might have been one of your worst moments, I pray that God turns it around for your good and that you help others in that very same place.

So today on the day that we celebrate mothers’, I celebrate you, your bravery and all the greatness that is to come for you… 



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