Where’s My Focus??

One of the hardest things for me to do is focus on me.  Being a wife, mother, sister, friend and ❤️er of Christ always seem so much more important….there’s always something to do, cook, clean and someone to help.

I was listening to a podcast this morning about developing my talents. The speaker was saying that we are really doing ourselves an injustice when we focus so much on our weaknesses instead of developing our strengths. I can so relate to this!!! I’m always thinking about what I didn’t do right or enough of instead of putting more time into my writing and building a positive place for mothers to be encouraged.

In a way focusing on my weaknesses is easier…they are something that I’ve attached myself to for along time and without them being front and center, dare I say that I’d be doing something that would cause me to step out of my comfort zone and bring to reality the person I see so vividly in my daydreams???

Yes that has to be it. Focusing on the bad takes little to no effort and focusing on my gifts takes planning, studying and being accountable to the One who gave me such grand visions of what I can do and be…

Having a new focus is going to take some time and work. But I’m up for the challenge. It’s time for me to focus on making what’s inside of me visible to all…. 



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