Monday MotivationšŸ’œ

“If live for applause you’ll die from criticism”
I used to do things, ultimately live my life, for the approval, acceptance and love of people.
Everything I did, I did wanting in some way for people to see me as worthy and for me to be significant person in their life.
Turns out I was always disappointed, frustrated and left feeling as if I was invisible and unloved.
It wasn’t on them it was on me. No one, except God, deserves that much of me. I gave all of myself to people who didn’t deserve me. I stayed up at night worrying about people who were sleeping very well. I was trying to impress and please people who could care less.
Lesson Learned: don’t live for people, live for God. I can’t  make someone love me and if I have to try, it’s not worth it.


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