Monday Motivation…

I used to be the most insecure woman ever. I constantly compared myself to others and I was always having an ongoing negative conversation mentally.
Then one day, I realized that I wasn’t created to be like everyone around me. And I was so unhappy because I was constantly trying to be a carbon copy of who I thought I should be; like everyone else.
Did everything change for me overnight?
No. But things did change when I started to change.
I started a list of affirmations that I speak daily.
I started to take the time to really do what I enjoyed, wear what I wanted and do what felt authentic.
When I journaled I was honest…I no longer just wrote what I thought looked correct on paper. Sometimes it got ugly, I wrote the things that I couldn’t dare speak. And because of that I was no longer bound to the opinions of others or the feelings of inadequacy.
When I was sad and disappointed I poured my tears out over paper…and most times, I could feel my heart mending through my thoughts.
When I prayed I didn’t speak to God w/an invisible audience in view, I spoke to Him from the secret place where it was only Him and I.
Be You. You were created to do a specific thing, to be a unique person.
You’re significant…so when you speak to yourself in those moments when only you can hear…make sure your words are affirming…make sure they make you smile and push you in the right direction💜



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