Prayers for Our Children at School❤️🙏

Father I pray that my child(ren) continue(s) to develop into the person that you have created them to be. I pray that your hand of protection be upon them, especially while they are at school.
Let them be confident in you and in who you have created them to be. I pray that they are kind to all and are able to make friends with those who will be a blessing to them and vice versa.
I pray that they never have to deal with a bully or be lonely. Lord, even in the not so good circumstances that could arise, I pray that they always know that you will never leave them nor forsake them and neither will we as their parents.
Father I pray that our children be a friend to the friendless and that they learn what true friendship is.
Let them thrive and flourish at school, with their teachers and amongst their peers, In the Name of Jesus. Amen


2 thoughts on “Prayers for Our Children at School❤️🙏

  1. Lezlie Lucas says:

    Good morning Olivia.

    Attached is Stacy Boyd’s blog called THEE MOMMY DIARIES. She has been doing a phenomenal job with posts. I think you will like them. So I am forwarding this to you.

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