The Tide Has Turned…

Today I was at the store and I was parked next to a Chrysler Town and Country mini-van. For some reason, it caught my eye. Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am so not a mini-van person!
Last year when we went to get me another vehicle, I specifically left mini-vans, of any sort, off of my list. The compromise for this Mommy of four was a Chrysler Pacifica, with the third row. When my son called it “a black van” I quickly informed him that my vehicle is a “crossover” lol.
But today…the tide turned. I am now a fan of the mini-van. When I told my husband he laughed and said ” so babe, you want one?”
I avoided answering and told him that it just seems more practical, the kids will have more room…and it looked like my Pacifica. My husband said that I was trying to “rationalize” wanting van now. Anyway you slice it, it was nice, I liked it and I will be the owner of a cute mini-van sooner or later…man, how times have changed 😉


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