The Truth About My Relationship w/Facebook…

A couple of weeks ago I started volunteering with a teen mom/young mom group. The Director asked me if I had a FB page b/c that’s a great way to keep in touch w/the girls and other leaders.
I told her no.
The truth is I had a Facebook page but I deactivated it almost 3 years ago.  In the beginning, FB was a great way for me to keep in contact w/people. It’s amazing seeing people w/their families after 15 years!
Then things between Facebook and I changed. What used to bring me joy now was a constant reminder of how different things were.  People I used to call friends were now  just “acquantances” and to see them moving on in life was hard. I would often look through their pages, thinking that maybe if I would have did this or that, they would still be a part of my life…truth is Facebook made me seem insignificant…
So I took time off…2 3/4 years to be exact.
On Tuesday, I made the decision to reactivate…but w/boundaries. I dont spend alot of time on there, I check messages, occasionally post an update and check the statuses of the group I volunteer with.
I constantly remind myself that I am significant to God…and that’s what matters most.
The reality of the situation is that I’ve changed and my circle has changed. Can I still associate with “associates” in a cordial, loving way? Yes.
Can I pray that they are doing well w/o getting caught up what they’re doing? Most definitely.
And that my friends is my plan…To make sure that I continue to look forward…and greet those from my past w/a smile of familiarity as I keep moving toward my destiny!!!


2 thoughts on “The Truth About My Relationship w/Facebook…

  1. Rebecca says:

    You definitely have to set limits, it is easy for it to become a time sucker….I am guilty of it!! A great ministry tool especially working with those young mama’s (I was a teen mom, so I have a special heart for those young women also)!~Thanks for sharing! ~Blessings~

    • mommydiaries says:

      Thanks so much! Yes, “boundaries” is my new favorite word, lol. I can totally relate about having a heart for teen moms, Im excited about working w/them!
      God Bless 💞

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