Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Last week I was listening to a radio program and the host asked the question, “What’s the one gift that you would give your Mother and why?”
Honestly, I have been thinking about this for the last week. My mom has been gone for the past 6  years and there is soooo much that I would give her, if I had the chance.
~ Of course, there’s money so she wouldnt have to work.
~Then there’s a special place in our home. I imagine my husband and I buying our new home specifically w/her and (his family too) in mind. A “mother-in-love suite. A bedroom big enough for her to have a den and private bath.
~And an extended lifetime is a must! I would love for my mom to see me be a mom to my for children and for her to enjoy being a grandMom.
But most importantly, the biggest gift I would give my mom would be PEACE…my mother went through alot in her lifetime and I dont think that she ever had the peace of God that brings forth healing and that gives you hope, even when times are bad. 
My mom’s mother died when she was only twelve, she was the oldest of four and took on a huge responsibility of taking care of her siblings when she was just a pre-teen. She bounced around w/relatives bc her dad had a problem w/alcohol, and there was so many secrets in her life that probably caused her shame until her dying day.
Then she became a teenage mom, battered in  her marriage, and a single, hard-working mother of four by the time she was 28. Throughout the years she picked up the same habit as her dad, alcohol(still working and taking care of us), and I wonder how much of a difference Peace would have made in her life…if it would have changed the way she dealt with pain and if it would have given her the courage to speak her truth and confront the hand that she was dealt in life.
I wonder if Peace would have given her the happiness that she deserved and the love that I know her soul craved…if it would have given her the courage to love God fully in spite of the things that life had brought her way…if it would have given her the means to forgive and love out of a pure heart…I wonder if peace would have mended her heart…
God I pray for peace in the hearts of mothers. I pray that from that peace, every good thing that they need in life is birthed…
Happy Mother’s Day!!!



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