5 Random Facts About Me!!!

Hello All!
Here’s a few random facts about me…

#1-I am an introvert.
I love bring alone (which is now rare w/4 children). I absolutely love to go to coffee shops or even have lunch by myself! I married the total opposite and have learned to adjust. Onr of my prayers is that our home be welcoming and resting place for all that enter 🙂

#2-I only knew my husband for 5 months before we got married.
My husband and I met in November ’04 and were married on April 30,2005. We just knew!  It was one of the hardest decisions to make bc my family was so against it, but Im glad that I went w/my heart…I couldnt imagine my life w/o my husband and our children.

#3-I didnt think I would be able to have children.
A year or so before I was married, I had a misscarriage. My doctor said that due to me having 2 previous abortions, my cervix was shot. She said that instead of nurturing a baby in the womb, my body did the exact opposite bc of my weak cervix. I wad told that I would never be able to carry a child fullterm. But God!!! Our first daughter was born on her exact due date, I carried twins(4 and 5lbs) 39weeks and 1 day, and our last son was right on time too!

#4- I wanted to go to Savannah State University and major in Journalism.
But I didnt. I went to a local college and majored in criminal justice bc it was “practical” and I was too scared to go against the grain.

#5-I have a special love for young mothers.
Ive always wanted to write a book and go around the world encouraging young mothers in fun and practical ways.

I hope that this helps you all get to know me better!!! What about you?!?! What are a few things about you?? Leave a comment below👇👇👇


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