The Truth of the Matter Is…

The truth of the matter is that we are all significant to God…He created us all with a specific purpose, special gifts and a uniqueness that is unmatchable.
However, it is up to us to nurture our gifts so that He can put them on display so that others can can be drawn to the light of Christ. No matter how big or small we think that our influence is, we all have a tailor-made place in the body of Christ to bring God glory.
The truth of the matter is that as I am typing this, I am the main recipient! I often struggle with feelings of insignificance and jealousy. I see so many people doing so many great things and I think, “man, they are so special! I wish that I had those gifts…”
Then I am gently reminded that I am significant to God and that I was created with a specific purpose…
The truth of the matter is that when I step out of my lane into someone else’s, my God given purpose is harder and harder to see. It’s impossible for me to be/do who, and what, God has created me to be if my focus is on someone else instead of Him…

What is the truth of the matter for you? What do you do to incorporate these truths into your everyday life/thoughts?
Whatever your truths are I hope that they are centered around God’s word and love for you. I pray that every truth be put into an action that changes your life for the better, today and everyday here after…


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