Election 2012…my thoughts, my heart

Today is the day!!! The very day that we all having been waiting on or some even dreading…Election Day.   As we went to the polls today, I was first of all glad to see so many people show up and vote!   I was excited that soooo many people felt that this election was so important that they were willing to stand in long lines, endure the cold and even do something that they have never done before-Stand Up For Something and Someone.

My hubby and I have been talking about the election and to be honest, I got a little excited.  Like just about every person that I know, I was uber excited about President Obama being elected as our first black President in 2008.  Not just b/c our complexions favor but b/c he is relatable.  To see a President that is interested in helping everyone and not just a certain group or class of people is inspiring.  I love to see our President goes to bat for the people that I see and sometimes come into close contact w/daily.  I love that he is relational.  To see him lovingly and intimately interact w/ his wife and family is beautiful.

Right along w/all of the positives that I have to say about our President, there are things that I don’t agree with.  But asI have been told, you have to take the good w/the not so good.

The one thing that is particularly disturbing to me is the blatant disrespect of the people.  Both toward our President and toward each other.  To see people point their finger in the President of the United States face, to hear and see (on social media) people call him a Nigger and even threaten physical harm to him is disheartening.  Yes, I know that racism is alive and well but to KNOW that we as a people aren’t farther along than wishing ill on a person b/c of their skin color or belief …well, for the lack of a better word SUCKS!!!!

Being looked down upon b/c of your skin color, your beliefs and/or your past are all things that I can relate too.  I worked in a women’s correctional facility for years and to be called a “nigger” and a “colored girl” were to of the worst things that I have ever heard.  To hear someone belittle me and call me a name b/c I am a black woman was horrible.  And for them to insinuate that I was created less of a person b/c of my God-given features and was incapable of being an intelligent worthy human being probably hurt me even more.  But to know that in this century that people still lived w/this type of hate in their hearts b/c of a person’s skin color was the absolute worst.

Overall, I pray that even w/people having different views that we as people respect each other.  Regardless of their race, life choices and beliefs no one deserves to be called out of their name, thought of as unimportant  b/c their existence and livelihood doesn’t mirror yours. Lets take the time tonight not only to lift up our current POTUS but our future one, as well as all American people to have a love, tolerance and respect for our leadership and our fellow-man!

With that being said, HAPPY VOTING!!!!!


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