How Do You Handle Change???

Change is good…
Change is an opportunity for growth…
Change holds blessings…
Change is inevitable sometimes…

Sometimes I’m not the best at handling major changes. I say that I’m okay, but on the inside I’m wondering, worrying and wandering emotionally.

It’s not always easy for me to convey my feelings to others but what I am learning is to be authentic.
Not saying that I dwell in my feelings but I do acknowledge them through journaling.
I’m learning to tell my DaddyGod exactly how I’m feeling
w/o giving Him the sugarcoated, “Churchy” version…
Along w/being honest about my feelings, talking to God, and journaling…I’m replacing my feelings w/God’s Word.
So day by day, I’m changing…changing for the better…changing into my best me ever….
How do you handle change???


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