A Lesson To All My Fellow Stay At Home Mothers’…

Being a Stay-At-Home Wife and Mother isn’t the easiest job on earth! One of the many things that I’ve learned over the past 4 years is that w/o a plan you might as well plan to fail!
Here’s my Top 7 Lessons for SAHM’s…enjoy!!!

1. Know Your Hubby’s Expectations:
Have the talk! Ask him what he expects from you as a SAHM. Once you know what he expects and you know what you’re going to do, you’ll have a clear “job description”.  With open and healthy communication there will be less room for error and offense.

2. Have A Schedule:
Time management is key!!! Having a daily schedule gives you boundaries and helps give you a clear vision for what you need to accomplish for that day. Do specific things on specific days ie, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping etc. Block off certain times for meal time, work time, playtime etc. Having a workable routine is a benefit to your whole family!

3. Have An Outlet:
Take time to do something that you love! Whether it be writing, volunteering or teaching a weekly class, take part in something that is productive, refreshing and brings you joy.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Say No:
Some people automatically think that if you’re a SAHM you can be their very own “walking to-do list”! Don’t take on extra errands and tasks from family and friends that is going to cause havic in your life! Don’t be afraid to let people know that your time is valuable…

5. Set The Atmosphere
As a woman, you have the ability to set the tone in your home. If you are uptight, upset or worried those feelings translate into everything that we put our hands too.  Do your best to create a God-centered home that is welcoming, encouraging and fun to all who enter in…be intentional about loving your family and that love being shown by your service to them.

6. Get Up Early
Getting up early doesn’t have to be at the crack of dawn! Get up early enough to spend time alone w/God before you start your day. Daily devotional time will give you direction, peace and give you time to have your first cup of coffee before your mommy adventures begin!!!

7. Be Appreciative:
Let your hubby know that you appreciate him! Sometimes living on 1 income can be challenging…thankfulness goes a long way:o)

8. Keep Yourself Together:
Take time to get dressed and doll up sometimes! Even if I’m not in makeup and heels, I try to stay presentable. A good pair of jeans, a nice shirt and lipgloss can go a long way! After your morning devotion, try getting dressed for the day. When you look good chances are you’ll feel good and be productive too! Ps-I’m not saying that I don’t have days when I’m in sweats…I just tr to make sure they are clean and they match;o)

I hope that this is a help and/or a loving reminder to SAHM’s! God Bless


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