Birthdays Mean More To Me Than You Will Ever Know….

Monday was our twins birthday (they turned two…terrific two’s I might add:o))!! And like most parents, I am estactic!
Happy that they are a year older and ready for all the new adventures that come along w/their age…
I’m also excited b/c at one point in my life I never thought that I would be celebrating my own children’s birthday…let alone twins.
About seven years ago, I had a miscariage. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to carry children fullterm b/c my cervix was too weak.  The doctor said my body didn’t react to pregnancy the way most women did.  Instead of nurturing and providing for the child, my body did the complete opposite as if the child was a foreign object…and this was probably due to the two abortions I had earlier on….
But seven years, a personal relationship w/God, a husband and three beautiful children later….I must say my kiddies birthdays mean so much to me.  Their birthdays remind me God’s grace, love, restoration and healing…
What do birthdays mean to you?


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