>Can I say that….in love?

>Today I was in an uncomfortable situation. I could either do what was comfortable (be quiet, not voice my feelings/opinion, harbor offense which would eventually lead to resentment) or step outside of what is easy for me (give voice to my feelings, be completely honest in a respectful manner w/o holding back not wanting to hurt someones)feelings). I wish I could say that I did what made me uncomfortable at the right moment but I didn’t. I tried to be comfortable in a non comforting moment (make sense?). I was really perturbed at the time and I trie to p ush the way I was feeling to the back of the closest, so to speak, but at that very moment I wasn’t sure that I could “speak the truth in love.
I tried to suppress everything but to e onest I’m not too good at it. I get really quiet and a bit distant when I’m in a “truth in love” situation.
So eventually, I was able to speak out my frustration in a honest and respectful manner. It was done so that I could let the other person in on my thought process and let my expectations be known. After it was done I felt soooooo
much better!
I learned a lot from this situation. First of all, speaking the truth in love is freeing. Not just for me but the other party involved. Sometimes the offence is only known by the offended b/c it wasn’t intended to hurt or demean in any way. Second, speaking in love is edifying. When you can tell someone what is on your mind w/o any type of malice, anger, or wrong motives its a blessing to everyone. Thirdly, growth isn’t easy. In order fo me to be who God has called me to be I have to apply what I’m learning from the word. So,remember being honest with those around may not be easy but needed. The truth isn’t alwaysaccepted right away but if its given in love it won’t be forgotten…….


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