>Whats new for You?!

>As 2010 is coming to a close, we all start making plans for the new year right? I think it is natural for us as people to want to do things different, and better I might add, for a new year …which is great.
But this got me to thinking….what things did I plan to do to in 2010 that I didn’t finish or
accomplish b/c of either lack of planning, loss of zeal, or just flat out laziness?
The one thing that 2010 has taught me is about planning. It is good to have goals but there are specific steps things that have to be taken so that my dream will become a goal and my goal will become an accomplishment! So, let’s make 2011 the year that we accomplish every goal and God idea that we can envision! Pray, make the plan step by step,
Write it down, set a timeline, and most importantly…..work Diligently:-)
With that said …….happy goal setting for 2011!!!


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