>Live Out Loud!!!!

>Today I made a decision—a big decision!!! I am no longer going to sit and hold on to all the treasures that God has put on the inside of me!! For so long I have just been existing, waiting on things to happen. Please don’t get me wrong, waiting is not a bad thing. Waiting without working…..well that’s “a whole ‘notha story”!!! But now, the light has been turned on and it is not going out!!! In order for God to work, I gotta give him something to work with. He has put everything that I need to succeed on the inside of me. Now it is up to me to put in the work so that my dreams will become my reality. It is time for me to “LIVE OUT LOUD”!!!! Out with the old and in with the new-what is the old you ask? The “old” is procrastination, slothfulness, fear, anxiety,and dependence (on people)! The “new” is faith, work, action, boldness, confidence, God-dependence, planning,and making lists!!! Is all this going to come easy-no. But is it worth it-Totally! My plan is to live everyday with purpose, structure, faith, and fellowship with God. What will it take for you to live out loud????? Miracles and Blessings


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