>Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

>Happy Mother’s Day!!!! (My sincerest apologies for being a day late, yesterday was full of family,activity, and food-lol). Well, the one thing that I am continuing to learn about being a mother, a Godly mother, is that strength is important. Physical, mental, emotional, and most of all spiritual. The first three can only go so far, but spiritual strength will carry you through any situation and help you to re-build in any other area that may be lacking.
This I know from personal experience! So, my one word of wisdom to all the young “mommies” would be to be spiritually fit!!! Pray, read and meditate on the Word, build and maintain godly relationships, be a faithful member at your local church, journal, take some time just for you, invest in your God given gifts and talents, and get a mentor. When your spirit is strong, everything else will be too!!!! Miracles and Blessings……..


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