>A Little Support Goes a Long Way…………

>Today I had the priviledge of seeing a really good friend, sister, in action as she hosted a community event. It was amazing………she was amazing! I literally seen her light up as she greeted people, set things in order, and gave an encouraging word to the young attendees at the event.
I was so in awe of how good, or should I say annoited and graced, she is at doing her job!!! I felt as if she was should be running for a city council position!!!! But more than anything, I learned that being supportive is a part of friendship. Yeah, yeah I know that just about everybody knows that! But I seen how the very act of being supportive shows you more about that person-what makes them who they are! I seen how anoited she is in her element, I saw what she was passionate about. And for that very reason I can say that I know my friend better today than I did yesterday…………


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