Today Was One of Those Days…

My day started out a little rough! An unknown car in my driveway at 5am, 3 kids that insisted on arguing and playing “karate kid” while they were supposed to be getting dressed, the irritation that comes w/seeing that the help you tried to give someone just isn’t helping…
Then you add to that the police coming to my house b/c of our home alarm going off and getting my oldest to school 30 seconds before her arrival time….and you can probably understand why at any moment I could have screamed!

However my saving grace was me continuing to tell myself that “great things are happening for me today and all things are working together for my good”. And the fact that today was also the first day of “BSF”; a weekly women’s bible study. We meet once a week for the school year; there’s a time that we all pray and worship together and then we break up into small groups and go over our weekly lessons that are focused on the book of Matthew. Afterwards we come back together worship and have a time of teaching and encouragement.
I was so glad to be a part of this bible study because of the diverse, authentic women that are involved. Just to hear people voice that they have been so busy w/life that they need time to get re-grounded in the Word and w/God is refreshing. It’s just so heartwarming for me to see women w/o the masks on say what’s in their hearts and just seek to be more intimate w/the One who loves them like no other…
So if everything that happened this morning was all so that I could press and be in the presence of some great women and a grace giving God, then I consider it all worth it! The enemy’s plan was to get me so frazzled that I would miss being in a place that my steps were ordered to be…I won b/c I didn’t give in and give up. So for that I’m thankful that Today Was One of Those Days…a great day, a grace day.


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