>It’s the Absolute Best…….

>Today I took my kiddies to Krispy Kreme Donuts. We didn’t do anything spectacular but the just to sit down, look at my babies, see them smile, was enough. To spend time with the three little people that mean the most to me meant slot, in fact it was quite gratifying. As I was sitting there looking at my babies, I had stop and thank God for giving me the awesome titles of “Wife and Mother”.
It means so much to be able to have the chance to positively impact the life of another human being. When I was younger, much younger, and I thought about having kids, I never thought about anything more than providing the best clothes, shoes, and anything else physical. Not until after I started a love relationship with God did I thong about everything else that parenting entailed. More than just physical needs, I want to give my babies a personal introduction to their “Daddy God”. I want to give them love, attention, instructions, provision, good memories, Godly examples, wisdom, support, and an environment that is safe, loving, and most importantly God-filled. Man…..motherhood is the absolute best……


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