>Am I really a Sister in Christ?

>The other day I was posed with the question “Am I really a sister in Christ?” Hmmm…I honestly can say that I haven’t been the best sister at times but I’m not the worst. Please note that this answer came before putting pride down & me be willing to look at my face in the mirror no matter how awful the reflection is! And now here comes the hard part the honest answer: NO. Whoa…wasn’t what I expected but its what I needed. Being a Sister in Christ is more than having a smile and a pleasant greeting while inside the church. It’s about loving people even when they seem to be unloveable, praying for them in the midst of their storm,speaking the truth in love, extending grace and not judgement, speaking life and not death, being the hands and feet of God in tough situations, going outside of your comfort zone to extend compassion, and not giving up when that is the easiest thing to do. Being a Sister in Christ is more than just a title its a call……Be the best Sister ever!!! Miracles&Blessings


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