I’m Resigning…Again!!!

Even with the best intentions in mind, it’s easy to slip back into hold habits!
I know this to be true from personal experience…
The one thing that God has enlightened me to about myself was how critical and judgmental I could be~not that I spoke out these thoughts but they ran round and round in my mind!

These judgements caused me to look at people differently or even keep them at “arms length” (please somebody say Amen so that I’m not out here by myself!!!). 

I had such a Pharisee mindset! By Pharisee I mean that I was the person that looked so much at the outside and expected people to keep the “laws”.  By laws I mean being “churchy”. Wearing the right clothes, saying Amen at the right time, being at church every time the doors are open, etc…
So me being the Pharisee that I was, I looked and judged based on religion “churchy-ness” and not relationship.

Recently, I found myself slipping back into my former role as Chief Pharisee. I looked, I judged and I recounted how I

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