Resurrection…What Does it Mean To You???

What does Resurrection mean to you?
To most Christians, it’s a time of gratitude. A time where all of our focus is on Jesus and everything that He did so that we can have fellowship w/a Holy God and an eternal home.
For others, it’s a time spent cooking big meals, laughing w/family, new outfits and plenty of colored eggs and candy…

This year, for me, Resurrection Day took on a new meaning!
Resurrection means “emerging, as from decay or DISUSE; the act of rising from the dead” (via

Seeing this definition made me think…what in my life needs to be Resurrected ?  What gift/talent/passion/dream/desire have I let die?  Maybe it died b/c I didn’t take the time to nurture it or maybe something died b/c it got buried under all the things that I call life and responsibilities.
Whatever the reasons may be, I am guilty of this type of death…and my dreams are in need of Resurrection.
So today I’m taking the time to nurture what was once dead and speak life into a once lifeless situation!

What about you…What in your life needs to be Resurrected? Is it a book that you want to write? A business that you want to start? A plan that needs to be written down?
Whatever it is, start today! Happy Resurrection Day!

*please leave a comment about your Resurrections so that I can intercede on your behalf! Miracles and Blessings to you…


Release…It’s the Best Thing For Me

Over the past few months a few things in my life has changed. My relationships and expectations of people have had a major shift.

I must admit that at first I wasn’t to keen about the changes.  I wanted things to be the way the had always been and wanted them to be.
These changes made me take a major look at me, my actions, my thoughts and my conversations.

Although some really close relationships I had have changed, I can finally say that I’m okay with that! In the beginning I fought the changes hard…I wasted so much time mulling over what happened, how it happened and if I should have did some things differently.

In the end, I’m at peace. I’m at peace b/c even though things ended in a way that I would have never imagined, I’m okay. I’m okay b/c I told the truth. I didn’t sugarcoat anything to make anyone else happy; I stood by my convictions. And although the truth might not have been desirable at the moment, it came from a place of love w/in me.
I’m at peace b/c I can remember a few months back the Holy Spirit whispering to my heart that it’s a new season…

I had a major release! I released myself and others from relationships that have been in existence for years.
I released myself from thinking on certain people and situations wondering what could have been.
I released myself and others from expectations. The expectations that come along with covenant relationships and lifelong friendships.

I had a release…of what used to be, what could have been to what is at this moment and what will be in the future.
Through my release, I’m open. I’m open to give, receive,encourage and maintain…Lord, my very heart is open to you.

I’m Resigning…Again!!!

Even with the best intentions in mind, it’s easy to slip back into hold habits!
I know this to be true from personal experience…
The one thing that God has enlightened me to about myself was how critical and judgmental I could be~not that I spoke out these thoughts but they ran round and round in my mind!

These judgements caused me to look at people differently or even keep them at “arms length” (please somebody say Amen so that I’m not out here by myself!!!). 

I had such a Pharisee mindset! By Pharisee I mean that I was the person that looked so much at the outside and expected people to keep the “laws”.  By laws I mean being “churchy”. Wearing the right clothes, saying Amen at the right time, being at church every time the doors are open, etc…
So me being the Pharisee that I was, I looked and judged based on religion “churchy-ness” and not relationship.

Recently, I found myself slipping back into my former role as Chief Pharisee. I looked, I judged and I recounted how I

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