Monday Motivation…Guard Your Heart❤️❤️❤️

Ever heard of the saying “Don’t let what’s going on around you get in you”…well, that’s the focus today. Undeniably, our country is going through a lot right now: murder, injustice, fear, racial tension, hate, blame, and pretty much in other negative thing you can name. However, it’s so important to guard our hearts against all those negative emotions. If not everything that’s going on will cause our views, attitudes and thoughts to be impacted, for the worse, by the many hurts we see and feel. 

Let’s be honest-with all the things we’ve all seen over the past week, we could easily be fearful and hateful toward the people that we feel have been the cause of the pain. We can start having prejudices towards those that don’t look like us. We can feel as if we are scared and unworthy if an injustice was done to someone we relate too…

Please know that these are the very reasons we have to guard our hearts-the place where the issues of life is stored. Don’t allow all that will never help unite us or bring change seep into your heart-the center of your being.

Take the time to pray, meditate, step away from social media, whatever you have to do, to live in peace even when all around you is void of it…

Guard your heart and protect it from being hardened by everything that we’ve seen…xo

Posted in: Joy

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