Top 5 Tips for Back to School📚

#1 Get dressed, for the day, first thing in the morning…

I get up and get ready before I wake my children up! I’m not saying I’m dressed in heels and Glamour shot photo ready- but never under estimate jeans, a v-neck tee, a cute scarf, cardigan, flats and lipgloss 😉 my day always ends up being more productive and I feel good bc I look good!

#2 Get as much done the night before as you can…

Baths. Getting clothes out. Sitting out snacks. Putting lunch money and signed permission slips in backpacks. Doing these small things at night can save you so much time in the morning!

#3 Keep everything in a planner…

What’s due. Appointments. Sports schedules. Parties. Times you have to volunteer. Keep everything in a planner whether it’s on your phone or hand held. Write everything down, Review it nightly and keep your planner/to-do list with you at all times! (Day Designer planner from Target is a great choice📅)

#4 Build a good repor with your child(rens’) teachers…

Meet your child’s teachers!! Have open conversations with them about your child and how important their education is to you. Make it a point to volunteer in their class as much as you can. Even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to volunteer as much as you like, email their teacher weekly just to check in and see how your child’s week has been going and if their is anything that they, or the classroom, is in need of.

#5 Have snacks ready after school..

My children are usually really hungry after school! There are few things worse than trying to fix snacks while a little human is hanging on my leg in tears from so-called hunger pains. I usually prepare muffins, fresh fruit cups, cheese squares,  finger sandwiches or something quick (to hold them over until dinner) and have it waiting at the table for them.

With that being said, enjoy the rest of what’s left of summer and prepare for a great school year!!!!


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