My Thoughts On South Carolina…💭💭💭

Can’t completely put into words my feelings on the murders in South Carolina this week…I’m saddened that nine people are dead bc of hate.

I’m also baffled that in 2015 there are still people who hate others for no other reason that for the color of their skin. I’m numb because honestly I can’t say that I’m surprised…

I’m thoughtful because I have four children, two sons, that we as parents will have to have an honest talk with about racism. How do you tell your children that there is a possibility that people will dislike you, possibly even hate you, think less of you as person just because your skin color is different from theirs? How do you explain that just because another person has a heart full of hate, it’s still our responsibility as God’s people to love, be respectable and respectful and live with an open heart when so many things happen in our world that makes you want to be guarded and cold?

I’m thankful that even in the midst of living in a world full of racism, I can truly tell my children that there is love and we live in the center of it.

I’m encouraged bc I know that I have hope. Hope that things will get better and a heart to love no matter what.

I’m feeling burdened. Burdened to pray…to live my life and help raise our family in a home where lives are colorless and every person matters. 

I’m feeling determined to keep an open heart and be an example of Christ’s grace, truth and love throughout the earth…




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