Making the Impossible Possible….❤️

So, this morning a met a friend of mine for coffee ☕️ (my favorite thing to do by far). We just started, well I guess you can say renewed our relationship, a few months back.

We were able to talk, be open and honest, apologize to each other and move forward.

So when I got a text from her last week about us meeting up and her having something big to tell me, I was geeked!!!! Of course me being the analyzer that I am, I knew it was a life changing decision. With her heart for people, especially teens, I pondered it being something to do with her starting a non-profit.

Oh, was I far off! Yes, she is doing even more amazing work young people. But her news was more personal.

She stepped out on faith and did something that would change her life and renew her peace. And I couldn’t be more proud!! To see her transform, grow and make her self-care top priority is inspirational. Man, it’s good to see people live their life without apology and to please God first and foremost!!!

So, to anyone who’s facing a life altering decision…you can do it. You are well able to make the best decision for your life, with faith in God, yourself and in the process. No, I’m not saying that it won’t hurt or things won’t be hard, but you can do it w/a positive attitude, renewed strength and hope for a better tomorrow….so step out on faith and make the impossible possible!❤️❤️❤️


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