5 Things About Me For 5 Years📆

It’s my 5 year Bloggiversary!!!
It’s hard to believe that Thee Mommy Diaries has been around for 5 years but it has!!!
I started blogging when I was pregnant with our twins as a sense of relief. I was always at the doctor, stress monitoring, or in the hospital due to something pregnancy related. There was so much going on that I decided to publicly journal all of my thoughts and “ah ha” moments.
But soon I came to believe that my writing was a gift and more than anything I wanted to birth a sense of community and encouragement to other wives and mothers.
So here’s my 5 Facts About Me for 5 Amazing Years of Blogging!!!
#1 I’m an introverted extrovert.
Big contradiction right? Well I absolutely love being alone. I’m a deep thinker, I love to eat by myself and there’s nothing I absolutely love more than going to a coffee shop with a book. However, I love conversing with people and learning about what makes them unique.
#2 I am a former Pharisee
You know that bible verse about taking the plank out of your eye before trying to remove a speck from your brother’s eye? Yeah, well that’s one I now live by. I use to be so ready to point out the faults of others without first looking at myself. Though I’m in a truly humbling situation right now, I’m thankful that for God’s grace and more ready to pray for someone rather than do a mental list of their faults.
#3 My Confidence is stronger than ever.
I love me…good, bad and indifferent. Not to say that I’m not working on being better everyday, I’m just in a place where I know that God loves me and He made not one mistake when He created me. So I’m choosing to be my best, think the best and do the best that I can daily💜
#4 I Want To Write Books
I dream about having a devotional for women and novels. Now it’s time to finish!!!
#5 I love to see love.
It makes me so happy to see happily married couples! It makes my heart happy and it I strive to be that to someone else!!

Thanks for 5 years and I look forward to many more, any many other successful writing endeavors, to come!!
Blessings!!! Xo



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