Tales From the Wife of a Head Coach…🏈🏈

Being the wife of a coach is no easy task…especially the head coach. Before my husband and I even thought about marriage, coaching was always on the life agenda. He had been coaching for years and always knew that he would be a head coach of a high school football team and would one day coach at the collegiate level.
We’ve been married for almost ten years and for most of that he has been a line backer coach and for the last five years a defensive coordinator. This past February he became the head football coach at a local high school.
We were absolutely elated!
The team didn’t have a good record but I knew that with my husband being the leader that would soon change.
Why wouldn’t it? He is my personal Superman!
He’s passionate. He’s positive. He’s committed. He’s loyal.
And most importantly he loves God and more than winning games, his desire is to teach and influence young men to be God honoring leaders with character and a belief deep within themselves that they can do anything and that they never have to succumb to the negativity that may surround them.
Like I said, we knew coming in that it would take some time, diligence and patience to build a solid program as well as change the culture to that of a positive and winning mindset.
I knew it. My husband said it. I supported it. I’ve even prayed for it.
But I wasn’t prepared for what has been going on…
We’ve lost. Quite a few times…our record is now 1-3.
This is all new to me.
Yeah, he’s lost games before and it’s been tough to deal with.
But losing as a head coach is a whole different bird.
There’s nobody else to look to when the loss occurs…he’s the man.
He takes the blame. He takes the shame and embarrassment that comes with not reaching the potential that he KNOWS is there…he takes the the ridicule and the hurt that comes with not being able to give the team what they need the most…the mindset that comes with winning.
Is it hard to see the team lose? Yes.
Is it hard to hear the horrible remarks from the fans? Absolutely!!
Is it hard to see my husband doing so much and not getting the desired results? Yes and that has to be the absolute worst.
My daughter said something so profound today after the game, “Mommy, there’s a difference between losing and giving up…”
Indeed it is.
Regardless of what the season looks like, I am extremely proud of my Superman.
He’s continuing to fight no matter what the outcome is and while he’s doing it, he’s changing the culture in a community.
Whatever the record at the end of the season, these young men will know that their coach loves and believes in them. They’ll know what a man of character and grace looks like…they’ll know the difference between losing and giving up.



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